Becky has had a life long interest in Biology, curious about what makes life tick since her earliest memories. She studied biology at Stonehill College and eventually found her way to the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy to study massage in 2012. Diving into hands on healing through massage opened her up to Eastern healing modalities and the energy that flows through all of life, and it felt like the missing piece from her biology education finally fell into place. Becky’s practice is grounded in the physical, using deep tissue massage to address issues, but she incorporates energy work when she is called to tap into it. For pricing visit Massage Services.

As her journey with massage grew, she rediscovered her love and fascination with Tarot cards. She has had her deck for 20 years, actively exploring it again for the past few years. She gives intuitive readings that help you find the best way to realize your dreams and discover the best possible outcome. For pricing and more information, check out Tarot Readings

Becky has also loved singing and dancing since her first time on stage when she was 4 years old. She is so ecstatic that these skills have merged into her professional life and have taken on a healing quality. She is available for hire for singing, with a range from church music to showtunes to popular music. She also performs sound meditations, her singing bowl and voice combining into angelic Channeled Melodies.

Everything is better with fire, right? That’s Becky’s philosophy and her forte is combining fire and dancing, which she has studied for years with a focus on ballet and jazz. Now with the addition of her fire fans and poi, her flow feels complete. She is available for hire for events and also has discovered the powerful healing the fire can provide. Explore Fire Dancing and Clearing for more information.